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Strand woven bamboo flooring is the most recent bamboo flooring material available. Strand woven bamboo flooring comes in 3 colors: natural, carbonied and walnut. Because this is not a surface stain, strand woven bamboo flooring retains its color even after sanding. Finished strand woven bamboo floors have a rich texture that are extremely durable. Strand woven bamboo is about as hard as traditional hardwood such as braziliam cherry and over 2 times harder than traditional bamboo floors. This product is easy to install and cost competitive compared to other flooring options. Since strand woven floors are extremely durable they are ideal for commercial use yet so attractive they are desirable for residential use as well.

YD Hardwood, a bamboo, cork and wood floors company in Philadelphia and Montgomery County, PA and Cherry Hill, NJ, is your premier source for your flooring needs. Not only do we specialize in everything you'll need to reinvent the base of your Philadelphia or Montgomery County, PA home, we also do so in an incredibly "green" manner, putting both our customers and the environment first.

Our custom floors company provides customers in Philadelphia and Montgomery County, PA and Cherry Hill, NJ, with endless options for bamboo floors, cork floors and wood floors.

Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo flooring is one of the trendiest materials in today's floor market, with many ecological advantages that make it stand out from the rest. Bamboo can be harvested much faster than soft wood, taking only 5 years to cycle as opposed to 30. Bamboo is cut, dried and glued together in panels, forming bamboo floors, which can be distinguished in either a vertical or horizontal grain pattern.

YD Hardwood brand bamboo flooring is using 5-6 year old mature bamboo; not the 3 year old bamboo like other manufacturers. This makes the bamboo stronger and more durable thereby extending the natural life of your floor. Younger bamboo is soft and, therefore, should not be as a flooring surface.

The YD Hardwood bamboo is 3/4 inch thick whereas the majority of other bamboo manufacturers flooring is 5/8 inch thick. the benefit to the wider plank is great durability and stability.

As well, the latest trend is 5 inch wide plank flooring. With bamboo flooring of 5 inch wide plank, customers get a double benefit: the trendiness of wide plank flooring at the more affordable bamboo product pricing.

Natural, Green Flooring Products

In addition to bamboo floors and non-toxic floors are all considered green flooring and environmentally friendly for your Cherry Hill, NJ or Philadelphia, PA home. These forms of flooring come from renewable resources, but there are many options to choose from besides bamboo for your Philadelphia or Montgomery County, PA home.

Cork Flooring

Cork flooring is another popular option among our Cherry Hill, NJ, Philadelphia and Montgomery, PA clients, including those in Norristown, King of Prussia and Huntingdon Valley. Natural cork comes directly from the bark of the cork oak tree and is highly durable, comfortable and sound and thermally insulating. Much like hardwood floors and with a similar rate, cork flooring is offered in a variety of rich colors and can be used for walls and bulletin boards, in addition to standard cork flooring.

Wood Flooring

Wood flooring is yet another one of our specialties and is considered to be one of the most breathtaking types of environmentally-friendly flooring among our Montgomery County, PA and Cherry Hill, NJ clients. Wood flooring comes in hundreds of different shades and styles. Wood floors such as Kahrs engineered wood flooring from Sweden is a wide plank floating wood floor that is easy to install, making it ideal for new or remodeled homes in the Philadelphia and Montgomery County, PA area, in addition to homes in Cherry Hill, NJ.

Our bamboo, cork and wood flooring company proudly services the Cherry Hill, NJ and Philadelphia and Montgomery County, PA area, including King of Prussia, Norristown and Huntingdon Valley.

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